Giselle Louise Ryan

Born in Melbourne, Australia

Lives & works in UK

Foreword By Beth Prior


Giselle's painting work is epic in its display of colour. The closest comparison would be psychedelic imagery seen when tripping, but with incredible depth. It has a way of stitching itself to emotion. It's easy to feel a deep connection to her work, and every painting, every single one has really strong femininity; a sapio sexual sapphic edge. Some in a really obvious way, some not. They all have their own axis on which they turn. You absolutely have to see them with your own eyes; her work online will give you an idea, but then you see them in real life and BOOSH!


So often when I witness art, I see art. I find myself being highly cerebral about it but one thing that's absolutely for sure with Giselle's work, is it's not my head that comes into play with it, it's something more ethereal and it hits in a very different place.

It's very difficult to put labels on Giselle both as a person and as an artist. Within her work there is a mystery, it leaves the viewer wanting to see more; see more deeply and feel more deeply.


Giselle and the rest of humanity ask questions. And when one of her paintings meets the eye, it becomes the answer. Not in words, but in knowing.


She undertakes commissions, these can be in the form of portraits of people or places, public spaces and offices.




A long history of art practice follows Giselle. Experienced in many mediums, she earned a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts at Melbourne University (First Class Honours). She was subsequently approached by the University to be their artist in residence and sculpture and ceramics teacher.


After graduating, she exhibited in the sculptural and textile medium. Upon moving to Britain in 2000, and with the loss of her ceramic studio, her three dimensional work turned 2D and abstract photography became her main creative outlet. Her search to capture the soul and essence of things she could see in her mind's eye had begun.


In 2009 her younger sister tragically lost her life at just thirty years of age. After a prolific few months of creating work surrounding her death, Giselle stopped all artwork entirely. Over four years passed and her first visit to Australia after the funeral prompted a discovery of a new medium – resin, and a renewed enthusiasm to share her vision.



2000 - City and Guilds web design

1994 - 1998 Melbourne University

Bachelor of Education, Visual Arts, First class honours


Grants & Awards 

2016 - DIVA art awards runner up

2015 - DIVA art awards featured artist
2015 - Lfest Artist of the year nominee

2002 - Princes Trust business.

2002 - Princes Trust grant.

2001 - Best new London Designer, Lycos and LWT.


Exhibitions & Showcase

2017 - #SameButDifferent, The Hive, Solo exhibition

2017 - Loudest Whispers, The Arts Project, Camden, London

2015 - The Hive "Little Acts of Kindness". solo exhibition

2015 - CSons, Shrewsbury Showcase

2015 - YCG "Landscape / Seascape, Yssbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan

2014 - Natural Harmony Centre, Llanerfyl

2014 - Ty Siamas, Dolgellau, Celf Aran Arts

2009-2014 - Hiatus

2009 - A book about Death, Moma Gallery, Mid Wales

2004 - 2003 - Visual Poetry, Stoke Newington Festival

2003 - Mixed Media exhibition, Stoke Newington, London Library.

1999 - History of the Devil, St Martin's Youth Arts Centre, South Yarra, Melbourne

1999 - Form and flow, sculpture, Brunswick Street gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

1998 - Graduation group show

1997 - Manon Lescaut, Opera Australia, Victorian Arts Centre Trust

1997 - Forfeits, Russell Theatre, King Street, Melbourne


Training / Teaching

2015 - Mid Wales Art, Sculpture and found objects

2004-2013 - Digital photography / image manipulation freelance, including Medrwn 

2005 - Coleg Powys, Digital Photography

1998-2000 - Melbourne University, Sculpture and ceramics


Related stuff

2002 - Princes Trust guest speaker, Speaking with Intent, House of Commons.

1998-2000 - Melbourne University Artist in Residence, sculpture and ceramics